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The device has two arms and 20 rotors that power an axle turning a generator, which delivers electricity (Photo: Weptos))Danish researchers believe they have a breakthrough in tidal power, using the waves of the ocean to generate energy.

Weptos is a small power plant which lies on the ocean, tied to the ocean bed. The waves move flaps on the two arms of the device which spin an axel, which then generates the power.

Each machine is a separate unit, so they are very easy to move around, adjust and fix.

Each devise also moves its two arms as the weather conditions change. In severe weathers it narrows meaning it is more stable and does not lose its energy-making capabilities.

The device is also scalable, which means the bigger the unit, the more energy, up to a certain degree of course.

In total over 200 tests has looked "exceedingly promising," according to the developers.

"I think this unit has a very good chance of making a breakthrough in this field," says Jens Peter Kofoed, an associate professor at Aalborg University's Department of Civil Engineering, where Weptos is being developed.

Previous attempts to make profitable wave power plants have faltered because they have not met the three vital parameters: the ability to turn waves into electricity, a robust construction to withstand the impact of powerful waves, and relatively low construction and maintenance costs.

The next version will be 10-15 size the prototype, which is only a medium sized one to the envisaged final version

Source: Science Nordic

Video about the device.!