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page21.jpgA new website was launched today, The EU funded project brings leading scientists together studying permafrost.

Permafrost is defined as ground that remains continuously at or below 0°C or at least two consecutive years; some 24% of the land surface in the northern Hemisphere is classified as permafrost.

The main research question is: What happens when the vast amounts of carbon in Arctic soils are released to the atmosphere?

Fieldresearchers, operators of long term observatories and modellers from 18 partner institutions in the EU intend to answer this question within the PAGE21 project.

By pooling expertise from various subjects, the scientists aim to deliver a valuable foundation for the United Nations 5th World Climate Report.

Arctic Portal designed, programed and hosts the website, which is indeed inspired by permafrost. Arctic Portal also works on data managment for the project.

Click here to visit the website.