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Dogs in Greenland (Photo: Lawrence Hislop - of ice is hindering hunting in Greenland. Humans are not the only one who rely on hunting in, the dogs in Qaanaaq are starving.

This led to animal friends all over Greenland sending dog food for up to 500 dogs in Qaanaq.

"We are doing this to help animals in need, weather it is in Nuuk or in Qaanaaq," Susanne A. Markdal, president of Animal Friends of Greenland, told the Greenlandic Radio.

She also hopes that more organizations will join in for the cause.

"We expect this to feed the dogs for a few days but that is not enough. We hope more will join us," she said.

The weather and climate change are causing problems in Greenland. Five years ago the sea ice had frozen in early november, making hunting for dog food easy, hunting both seals and fish.

This year it is unforseen when the ice will freeze.

The people of Qaanaaq are hoping for a bigger quota of walrus in order to help them solve the problem. The annual quota of 64 animals is almost over.

Source: and KNR.