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People in Nepal getting food support

The Hariyo Ban project was introduced this week. The 5 year long program aims to reduce the adverse effects of climate change in Nepal.

The program will seek to reduce threats to biodiversity in the country, where the Himalayas are a great source of life. The program also seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Around 180.000 people will be affected and 50.000 hectares of forest areas will go under improved management.

The program is supported by USAID and WWF Nepal.

Hariyo Ban is a cornerstone of President Obama's Global Climate Change Initiative in Nepal. The program's focus on sustainable landscapes and adaptation is expected build upon USAID's long history of environmental programs in Nepal that have improved the livelihoods and immediate environment of many Nepalese, enabling them to be more resilient and better prepared to adapt to climate change stresses, according to the programs website.

Source: USAID - Nepal