northwest tegundirnar LargeFive species fill up just over 50 percent of the fisheries in the northwest Atlantic Ocean.

The Northern prawn is the biggest factor, counting for 17% of the total catch.

The American sea scallop is the sexond biggest factor, 14% and the Atlantic herring is at 11%. The Atlantic menhaden is at 10%.

The picture on the rights shows the number for 2008.

In the northeast Atlantic Ocean, which stretches around Europe, the Atlantic herring is by far the biggest factor. It counts for almost 30% of the total catch.

The blue whiting, is also popular, at 16% and the Atlantic cod is only at 9%.

northeast tegundirnar

Herring is the biggest factor in the northeastern part. Along with blue whitting and the cod they count up for 50% of the total catch.

Six other species fill up approximately 25% of the total catch, the Atlantic mackerel, European sprat, aithe (Pollock), Sandeels (Sandlances), Haddock and Capelin.

Others are numerous but count for much less.

The Atlantic herring is important both in the east and the west, but other species are not as connected between the two sides.