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Skipting sjavarThe eight Arctic states all catch fish. The species and quantity naturally varies between them.

In this section comparison is shown between the states, where they are fishing, what and how much.

Fishing is a part of every nations export value, but the difference is staggering. For example is fishing the backbone of the Greenlandic economy, counting for around 94% of their export value. Most countries rely on other means, where fishing is not very important.

The map on the rights shows the Arctic. The Arctic Ocean is aligned with the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

The northwestern part of the Pacific is near Alaska but the northeastern part goes from Russia and all the way to Japan.

The Atlantic Ocean northwestern part is around Canada and the USA, but also stretches up to Greenland.

The Atlantic´ northeastern part stretches to Europe, to Portugal and up to Russia where the Arctic Ocean takes over.