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cod_barentsseaThe cod is moving further north then ever before. Huge amounts of cod have been found northerly in the Barents Sea, as far north as 82 degrees much to researcher’s surprise.

Russian and Norwegian cooperation in the Barents Sea continues and their newest found is surprising to them.

“We have never before seen such large amounts of cod so far north in the Barents Sea as this year,” they said according to the Barents Observer.

The two researchers Bjarte Bogstad and Harald Gjøsæter from Norway completed a survey for 2011 recently.

The comprehensive research in the Barents Sea found more cod then normal and that it also spread over larger areas.

The reason is connected to a record high stock of capelin in the northern Barents Sea as well as higher sea temperatures.

“Sea temperature this autumn is considerable colder than last summer, but still way higher than the average over the last 40 years, explains expedition leader Gjøsæter

But will this result to higher quotas of cod? “Huge cod stock and widely dissemination all round the Barents Sea does not necessarily mean that we will recommend higher quotas next year,” says Gjøsæter.