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 Web castingWeb-casting is becoming and important venue for communicating special events to the wider audience. The Arctic Portal has facilitated numerous virtual events over the past months which are now available on the Portal for viewing.

These include: numerous events in co-operation with ICR and the Saami Council; Breaking the Ice conference in Akureyri; APECS workshop in Stockholm and now most recently the Arctic Energy Summit. Upcoming is web-casting the major IPY event in Oslo 2010.

ICR has recently signed an agreement in Russia which grants access to mapping data throughout the Russian north. The Arctic Portal interactive mapping tool will be used for the presentation and interpretation.

The first map, covering the district of Yamal, is already up on the Portal. Further data covering Northern Norway and Finland, which has been identified and adapted, is to be included soon.

The Northern Forum has provided the Arctic Portal very valuable mapping data, especially from its Russian partners, which is currently being adapted for us in the Mapping Portal. Co-operation is being established directly with the Russian partners, through the initiative of the Northern Forum.