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The Seventh International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences, Circumpolar Perspectives in Global Dialogue: Social Sciences beyond the International Polar Year is now held in Akureyri, Iceland, 22-26 June 2011.

The theme of the conference, Circumpolar Perspectives in Global Dialogue, refers to the interlinkage of worldwide environmental changes to the development of Arctic societies. The them also refers to the fact that the Arctic is not just an empty wilderness with endless access to resources but an area inhabited with people that have to endure and adjust to environmental changes in their society.

ICASS speaker Sven Haakonson

The conference hosts 10 sessions with 380 lectures about emerging social and cultural issues regarding the Arctic.

At the Opening ceremony, the Icelandic minister of environment welcomed around 450 Arctic Social scientists and specialists from around 30 countries, that have gathered in the Northern city of Akureyri, Iceland to address issues facing the Arctic, making it the biggest scientific conference that has been held in the small academic town of Akureyri.

The first day was followed by a reception where the mayor of Akureyri gave a speech and emphasized the importance of Arctic issues for the circumpolar north and the small town of Akueyri.

The Arctic Portal webcastes the keynote speeches during the whole conference.

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