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grey wolf

For the first time in years, a Finnish-Russian wolf is about to migrate into Swedish wolf territories. That could positively contribute to Swedish and Norwegian wolf genes, researchers say.

The lone traveler has moved into Sweden's northernmost county of Norrbotten and is wandering further towards Swedish wolf territories. In the last decade, only two other wolf individuals have made the long journey. This is reported in the Swedish public radio.

Last time the wolf was traced, he was about one and a half mile from a previously known wolf territories where there is a lone female.
The wolf which is believed to be a male, can bring new fresh genetic materials to the Swedish-Norwegian wolf stock, Swedish authorities say. Faeces samples revealed that the lone wolf came from the Finnish-Russian population, which could strengthen the heavily inbred Swedish-Norwegian wolf population.

Authorities are now trying to trace the new immigrant and hope that it naturally enters and establishes itself in the Swedish population.

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