Eruption on Reykjanes by Grindavík Iceland 2024

Yet another eruption started a few minutes ago on Reykjanes by Grindavík and the Blue Lagoon, only about 40 km from the capital Reykjavík.

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The eruption began northeast of Sýlingafell at approximately 12:45 PM. An intense earthquake was recorded in the Sundhnúks crater shortly before 11:00 AM. Grindavík, the Blue Lagoon, and the power plant in Svartsengi were evacuated before noon. In response to the eruption, the Commissioner of State Police, in consultation with the police chief in the area, has declared a state of emergency. More magma had accumulated under Svartsengi compared to the previous eruption. The eruption continues to intensify.

Earthquakes Eruption Iceland

This eruption is the fourth on the Reykjanes Peninsula in 2024. The first eruption started on January 14 and lasted for only two days. The second eruption began on February 8 and ended on February 9. The third eruption commenced on March 16 and stopped on May 8.

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Multiview from Reykjanes



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From Þorbjörn (mountain)


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