Arctic Security Conference 2024

Arctic Security Conference will take place 23-24 April 2024 at Scandic Sluseholmen, Copenhagen, Denmark. The Conference is organized by Defence iQ which is the world's largest defence events and media organization.

Arctic Security 2024 is the only event to focus on the challenges of Arctic security and the ways in which states are defending their sovereignty against the renewed interest in the Arctic Ocean from other actors. This two-day event will provide attendees the opportunity to hear from key regional actors and industry as they discuss how they are addressing the complex challenges of maritime operations in freezing waters and preparing personnel for action in Arctic climates.


Join the conference to:

  • Meet with senior military leaders in an intimate setting to make new connections and engage in productive discussions to forge new partnerships with industry experts.
  • Attend focused briefings on the current security priorities of Arctic nations to gain an insight into the ways that nations are defending their territories and utilising specialist capabilities in cold environments.
  • Participate in facilitated discussions with key Arctic stakeholders to share expertise and find solutions for the challenges that cold-weather operations present.
  • Examine the Arctic as a key region for NATO security and learn from leading armed forces currently operating in these environments to improve readiness to combat threats in the Arctic.

Among the topics on the agenda are:

  • Emerging Threats in Arctic Regions
  • Key Observations from Cold-Weather Exercises
  • Securing Arctic Territories Through Enhanced Coastguard Activities
  • Arctic Surveillance and Deterrence
  • Driving Innovation in Cold-Weather Technologies

and more ...

Among the speakers at the conference are:

Admiral Daryl Caudle – Commander US Fleet Forces Command, US Navy

Lieutenant General Carl-Johan Edström – Chief of Joint Operations – Swedish Armed Forces

Lieutenant General David Nahom – Commander  - US Alaskan Command

Vice Admiral Andrew Burns - Fleet Commander - Royal Navy

Rear Admiral Henrik Ryberg - Admiral Danish Fleet - Royal Danish Navy Command

and more ...

To see the full agenda please visit the iQ Defence website

Registration for the Conference is now open!

The patriots of the Arctic Portal are offered 15% off standard rates – please quote the discount code ‘Arctic15’ at checkout.


Defence iQ has released an exclusive article on 'Embracing the Cold: Equipment Challenges to Operating in the Arctic'


About Defence iQ

Established in 2001, Defence iQ has grown to become one of the world’s largest defence events and media organisations. We are uniquely positioned to engage with and support the international defence community via our digital platform and global conferences, all of which are underpinned by rigorous research into global defence policy, acquisition strategy, capability development and military leadership.

Source: Defence iQ


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