High North Hero 2024

The High North Center for Business and Governance has opened nominations for the High North Hero Award, created to honor a person or an organization that has contributed to highlighting the importance of the Arctic.

The High North Center for Business and Governance announces that the nomination process for the 2024 High North Hero Award is now open. The award was created in 2016 as an annual recognition of an individual, a company or an organization that has had a positive impact on business and economic development in the Arctic. The award is handed out annually during the High North Dialogue Conference in Bodø, this year as a part of the Arctic Congress Bodø 2024 - held from 29 May to 2 June 2024.

The award is open to everyone

In 2023, the award was given to Diane Hirshberg (Director & Professor of Education Policy at the Institute of Social and Economic Research at University of Alaska Anchorage & Vice-President Academic, University of the Arctic.), who received the prize for her engagement and contribution in research, education and social and societal development in the Arctic through international cooperation.

Every year, the public is invited to nominate candidates. Citizens from any country in the world are eligible to nominate candidates for the prize and to win the prize and prize money of NOK 50 000 (USD 5000 approximately).

There is no requirement that the nominee is from the Arctic or resides in the Arctic; the Award intends to highlight the efforts of a person or an organization whose work positively impacts the circumpolar north. Self-nominations are also accepted. You may nominate an individual, a company, or an organization that meets at least one of the criteria.

Visit High North Dialogue´s website to get more information about the High North Hero award, and the criteria for nomination, and send your nominee via the online application form.

Deadline for nomination is April 20, 2024

Source: High North Dialogue


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