Raudasandur Mariska vand de VosseRauðasandur (Red Sand), nestled in the Westfjords of Iceland, is recognized as one of the finest beaches worldwide, by the known travel guide Lonely Planet. This secluded gem is graced on Europe's and the world's best beaches lists.

Lonely Planet, renowned for its authoritative travel guides, has consistently spotlighted Icelandic destinations.

Description of Rauðasandur from Lonely planetTop choice in the Westfjords, Iceland: “Stunning Rauðasandur beach stretches out in shades of pink and red sands on the southern edge of the peninsula. Pounded by surf and backed by a huge azure lagoon, it's an exceptionally beautiful, serene place. You can walk out to the lagoon edge at low tide; keep a lookout for seals. A coastal path (about 20km) runs between Rauðasandur and the Látrabjarg bird cliffs. Approach Rauðasandur by car from Rte 612 by taking steep, winding Rte 614 for about 10km.”

Rauðasandur is considered one of the best beaches in the world, alongside Hauklandströnd in Norway which tops the list. Other beaches on the list are Ipanema Beach in Brazil and Dueodde in Denmark. The top spot globally goes to The Pass in Byron Bay, Australia, known for its great surfing.

islandskort gratt RaudasandurRauðasandur

Rauðasandur, named for its "red sand" in Icelandic, is a unique contrast to Iceland's more famous black sand beaches found on the island. Situated in the remote Westfjords, this beach presents a constantly changing palette of colors depending on the weather and season. From various shades of yellow to hints of orange, Rauðasandur never maintains the same hue for long periods. If you are fortunate, you might even catch a glimpse of it appearing as a pink beach!

Aside from its captivating sand, Rauðasandur is also a habitat for diverse wildlife, including seals and a variety of bird species including puffins.

Raudasandur Evgeniy MetyolkinOn clear days, visitors can marvel at the stunning scenery, with the imposing Snæfellsjökull glacier from the Snæfellsnes peninsula forming a majestic backdrop.




Source: Lonely Planet


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