Nima Sarikhani - Ice Bed

British hobby photographer Nima Sarikhani secured the top spot in the 'People's Choice Award' category of the 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' competition earlier this month. His winning shot, titled "Ice Bed," was taken during his expedition around Norway´s Svalbard archipelago and features a tranquil sleeping polar bear atop a glacier.

Twenty-five photographs had a chance to win the competition, receiving over 75,000 votes from photography enthusiasts worldwide, resulting in a record turnout for this year's online election.

Sarikhani dedicated three days to tracking down a polar bear before finally encountering the star subject of his photograph. Patiently observing the bear, he witnessed a captivating moment just before midnight when the polar bear ascended a small iceberg, created a sleeping spot, and peacefully settled in for the night.

Seizing the opportunity, Sarikhani swiftly grabbed his camera, capturing the extraordinary scene that has since captivated audiences globally.

Dr. Douglas Gurr, Director of the Natural History Museum of Great Britain, commented on the winning image, stating, "His thought-provoking image is a stark reminder of the integral bond between an animal and its habitat and serves as a visual representation of the detrimental impacts of climate warming and habitat loss."

The International Polar Bear Day is celebrated annually on 27 February. This day aligns with the period when polar bear mothers and cubs are sleeping in their dens and to raise awareness about the conservation status of the polar bear.

Four additional exceptional finalists earned the distinction of being 'highly commended.' Those were: Audun Rikardsen - Aurora Jellies, Tzahi Finkelstein - The Happy Turtle, Daniel Dencescu - Starling Murmuration and Mark Boyd - Shared Parenting.

Audun Rikhardsen

Tzahi Finkelstein

Daniel Dencescu

Mark Boyd


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