TheFountainThe Fountain is hosting an Arctic Youth Gathering today, October 12th, as a pre-event for the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik October 19-21. The event is live-streamed for free and open viewing. Join through the links below at 8 PM CET/ 11 AM Pacific/ 6 PM GMT / 4 PM GMT-2.

The Arctic Digital Youth Online Gathering bringing the latest News from the North. Young generations are calling for extraordinary actions, for the world leaders to stop ecocide and unite us all in understanding that we share one Earth. We are calling the youth of the North, Europe and the world to unite digitally with a message for the Arctic Assembly.

Participants include the youth representative, Jacinto, Zarabata Sundigama, Kaggabba Nation also known as the Kogi from La Sierra Nevada, Colombia.

Join ONLINE and listen to Jacinto, learn about what is happening in Greenland from Qivioq Løvstrøm. From Halldór Jóhannsson in Iceland, Karolina Eywa Carlsson and Linnea Backman around Gállok, Sápmi and Sweden. We hope to get some news updates directly from the recent unfoldings in Norway. Honored guests: Delegates from, The Fountain CSS, Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations, and Center for Sacred Studies. Facilitator: Annette Ericsdotter, Sweden, Christiane Pedros, Germany. The event is a Pre-Event for Arctic Circle Assembly next week in Reykjavik, Iceland.





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