Carbfix, Hellisheiðarvirkjun in Iceland, known as Silverstone

Recently, construction has commenced on an upgraded carbon capture plant at Hellisheiðarvirkjun in Iceland, known as Silverstone (Steingerður in Icelandic).

The plant aims to capture almost all carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide emissions from the power plant, representing a significant step towards achieving carbon neutrality.

The project's initiation was signaled by the first shovelfuls, and the goal is for Silverstone to be fully operational by 2025, positioning Hellisheiði ON Power plant as the world's first near carbon-neutral geothermal power plant.

The managing director of ON Power emphasizes the importance of contributing to the fight against climate change. Their current version of Silverstone has already been capturing about 30% of carbon dioxide and 75% of hydrogen sulphide since 2014. The project received a grant of ISK 600 million from the Innovation Fund of the European Union in 2021.

The managing director of Carbfix expresses delight at the recently commenced construction, viewing it as a significant milestone in presenting Carbfix technology as a large-scale and cost-effective solution with a global impact.

This project alone will contribute towards 10% of Iceland's Climate Action Plan targets by 2030 for the energy and industrial sectors not covered by the EU ETS, showcasing Iceland's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Source: Carbfix

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