Anthropology Conference 2023

An event organized under the flagship of APECS Art project group and Arctic Center of the University of Lapland named Appearing of Disappearing: Transformation of the relations in the Arctic societies observed in the visual archives is scheduled to be on 21st March 8:30 - 10 00 GMT in Rovaniemi



The agenda includes such reports as:

  1. One Arctic-thousands cameras
  2. Rediscovery of artist photography of Euro-Arctic Russia in 1890s-1900s
  3. Dialogues and reflections visualized – challenges in presenting delicate art-based processes
  4. Art reflecting society by deep immersion
  5. Investigating the Arctic from a Gendered, (Post)Colonial and Posthuman Feminist Perspective. Three Contemporary Artistic Practices.
  6. A Photographic journey through Arctic Finland, Russia, and Norway

Plus Q&A open discussion.

Free registration is open

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