Robert Corell High North Hero 2019

Every year, the High North Center for Business and Governance awards the High North Hero Award to someone who has a positive impact in the north. "It is more important than ever to lift up those who contribute to development, cooperation, and the promotion of the circumpolar Arctic," says Executive Director of Arctic Frontiers and jury leader Anu Fredrikson.

The High North Center at the Nord University Business School is now taking nominations for the international High North Hero Award. The jury is now hoping for suggestions from all over the world.

This is the sixth time the award is presented and jury leader and Executive Director of Arctic Frontiers, Anu Fredrikson, says it is more important than ever to highlight the Arctic cooperation.

"The High North is changing. Not only when it comes to the environment and the climate, but also the traditional Arctic cooperation we have been so proud of. After the war broke out, the international Arctic cooperation as we know it has been changed," says Fredrikson.

Therefore, she believes that it is more important than ever to highlight and cheer on those who contribute to cooperation, development, and promotion of the circumpolar Arctic.

We hope for many nominations so that the task will be as challenging as possible.

Jury leader and Executive Director of Arctic Frontiers, Anu Fredrikson.


Positive influence

The international committee is looking for candidates that impact the High North in a positive way. That could be a social developer, someone who has contributed to economic development, or promoted cooperation or diversity throughout the circumpolar Arctic.

"Or candidates who through their work have contributed to increased knowledge about the Arctic and who have had great influence both locally and internationally," Fredrikson points out.

The High North Hero committee consists of experts from academia, the business sector, organizations, and the media. The jury leader hopes the task of choosing a worthy leader will be a difficult one.

"We do not want to have an easy job and we hope for many nominations so that the task will be as challenging as possible," encourages Anu Fredrikson.


Does not have to live in the North

The award was established in 2016 as a yearly recognition of a person, business, or organization that has had a positive influence on the industrial and economic development in the High North.

Previous winners include the Norwegian shipowner Felix Tschudi, american climate researcher Robert Corell, the Canadian indigenous rights activist Mary Simon, investor Scott Minerd from the US, and Paavo Lipponen, former Finnish prime minister. Sadly, Minerd passed away just before Christmas last year.

The nominee is not required to be from or reside in the Arctic. The purpose of the award is to highlight the efforts of a person or organization whose work has a positive influence in the circumpolar north. Self-nominations are also accepted.


Prize money, honor, and glory

The High North Hero Award is presented every year during the High North Dialogue conference in Bodø, North Norway in April. The conference is organized by the High North Center. In addition, to honor and glory, the winner is awarded NOK 50 000.

To qualify for a nomination, the following criteria apply:

  • The nominee has significantly contributed to business development, societal development, growth, or employment in the High North
  • The nominee has significantly contributed to new knowledge about the High North
  • The nominee is innovative and uses innovative methods to advance cooperation in the High North
  • The nominee has a significant impact in the High North locally, nationally and internationally
  • The nominee contributes to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Arctic including, for example, gender equality or indigenous rights
  • The nominee contributes significantly to strengthening collaboration in the High North.

The nomination period closes March 10, 2023.



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