Circumpolar scientific cooperation in the Arctic is more important than ever at present challenging geo-political situation. The main purpose of the Arctic expert-to-expert initiative is continued dialogue and exchange of knowledge between transdisciplinary Arctic experts of all nations.

This dialogue should proceed in people-to-people format (in compliance with and bearing in mind the current regulations), be cross-disciplinary and focus on topics of mutual importance, such as problems associated with climate change and sustainability of the Arctic regions and communities.

 During fall 2022-spring 2023, we plan to implement the following online expert webinars:

  • “Climate change and the Arctic: state of the art and what kind of scientific cooperation is most needed?”
  • “Global Arctic scenarios: how can today's events and actions play out in the alternative futures?”
  • “How to measure sustainable development in the Arctic? Exchange of knowledge and experience between experts”
  • “Indigenous peoples knowledge and role in the Arctic”


If you would like to participate in one or more webinars, or if you would like to host an expert-to-expert webinar of your own topic and need assistance, please email to  

As part of the Arctic expert-to-expert initiative, we plan to conduct an international scientific expedition "ADVANCE– 2023" on the ship "Advance" (under the flag of Great Britain) in May 2023. The main purpose of the expedition is to monitor changes occurring in the ecosystem of the Barents Sea in connection with modern climate changes and increased anthropogenic pressure on this region. In particular, the expedition will conduct studies of plastic debris and micro-plastic pollution of the aquatic environment.

The Arctic expert-to-expert initiative is supported by the undersigned in view of Open Science with global inclusion to address global challenges, involving people, each acting in their own capacity.

Please send email to  if you have questions or would like to join the initiative. Further announcements and related material will be made available on the

Anton Vasiliev

Andrey Bryksenkov

Halldor Johannsson

Olga Mayer

Paul Arthur Berkman

Simone Orlandini

The Arctic Science Ministerial 4 Report (ASM4), published on 14 April 2023, is now available online in the Arctic Portal Library - ASM4 Full Report

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