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World Oceans Day 2022

On 8 June World Oceans Day was celebrated by the United Nations. Many countries have celebrated the day since 1992, following the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In 2008, The United Nations General Assembly decided that as of 2009, 8 June would be designated as “World Oceans Day”.

“On this day, we have an opportunity to raise global awareness of the benefits humankind derives from the ocean and our individual and collective duty to use its resources sustainably. Future generations will also depend on the oceans for their livelihoods.”

Every year the United Nations selects a theme for World Oceans Day to engage the global community around key ocean topics. The theme for 2022 is Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean. Shedding light on the communities, ideas, and solutions that are working together to protect and revitalize the ocean and everything it sustains.

Last year, 2021, the theme was “The Ocean: Life and livelihood”.

Source: United Nations World Oceans Day 2022