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Arctic Frontiers 2022 Pathways

The Arctic Frontiers 2022 PATHWAYS Conference will be held 8-11 May. All travel restrictions upon entry to Norway are now the same as they were prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Digital participation is available.

Dates: May 8th – 11th 2022

Venue: Clarion Hotel The Edge, Tromsø


Arctic Frontiers Science conference is traditionally international and multidisciplinary, bringing together social sciences, humanities, physical and life sciences. The Arctic Frontiers Science is focusing on both fundamental and solution-oriented research with strong impact, which addresses growing societal challenges and needs in the Arctic region.

Arctic Frontiers will host five science sessions:

  1. Pan-Arctic Infrastructure Development
  2. Food from the Ocean and Ocean Science for Sustainable Development – Bridging the UN Decades
  3. Arctic Coasts in Transition
  4. The Arctic, ocean conflicts, and pathways to sustainability
  5. Experiences from the science-policy interface in the Arctic


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