ClippeAdventureThe ice strengthened passenger ship Clipper Adventurer( formally ALLA TARASOVA) ran aground on the 27. of August on a uncharted rock in the Arctic Ocean. The ship which is a 330 foot vessel equipped with an A-1 Ice class and was currently on a cruise with 128 passengers and 69 crew members.

Several attempts where maid to free the ship, with the passengers on board, with little or nor result. Yesterday the passengers where transported on board the CCGS_Amundsenicebreaker AMUNDSEN and transported to Kugluktuk in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, Canada- From there the passengers will be flown to Edmonton in Canada.

Efforts to free the ship which remains upright will continue, the wheather is reported calm at the moment so it should offer good condition's for such an activity


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