Perceiving Arctic Change Climate Society Sustainability

On 6th October 2021, AWI (Alfred-Wegener-Institut) and the French Embassy in Germany are hosting an event: Perceiving Arctic Change - Climate, Society, Sustainability.

The official opening event will raise awareness among Arctic specialists and the public about the urgent need for important decisions and coordinated action among all nations on climate mitigation and adaptation and the particular role that Franco-German initiatives can play in this field. The evening will be dedicated to regional and dynamical aspects of change in the Arctic concerning both the environment and humans. A panel discussion with experts including scientists and indigenous representatives will then focus on the important question of the role of international and transdisciplinary cooperation in this context. The event will be closed by the official inauguration of the new Graduate school PACCSS (Perceiving Arctic Change - Climate, Society and Sustainability).

The event will be streamed by the French Embassy.

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