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IPY International: Early Career Researcher Symposium

A report summary from the IPY International Early Career Researcher Symposium is now available at the APECS website.

There are many skills required of early career polar researchers that are not typically taught in graduate school or post doctoral environments, but are essential for the basis of a strong career. To help address this, the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), together with the ArcticNet Student Association, and the Northern Research Forum held the IPY International Early Career Researcher Symposium, in Victoria, B.C, Canada from December 4-8, which was sponsored mainly by the IPY Canadian Federal Programme and the Canadian Polar Research Commission.

The summary of the meeting includes an overview of all seven sessions and the evaluations that were made. The career development workshop was attended by 71 participants and 20 mentors from 14 different countries, and brought together early career polar researchers from a range of disciplines for a series of training sessions to develop professional skills, work with senior mentors, and develop international and interdisciplinary collaborations. The Symposium had seven themed sessions, all of which included a plenary talk attended by all symposium participants, and a hands-on training session. All plenary talks and breakout sessions were recorded, and recordings will be available on the APECS website by June.