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6th annual arctic shipping summit

The 6th Annual Arctic shipping Summit will take place during between 27. and 29th April 2010 in Helsinki Finland, with a pre-conference seminar on the 26.

Leading experts from a diverse background will come together and analyze critical development and practical challenges connected to Arctic Shipping, these include

  • Strategic concerns, security and sovereignty
  • Developments in transport and exploration in Russian Arctic, North
    America and Greenland
  • The impact of climate change on potential navigation conditions
  • Challenges of ice management operations for offshore vessels
  • Technical challenges for design of ice-going ships and icebreakers
  • Stakeholder discussion on current status of training for ice-going crew

Chairmen and speakers will include. Keynote wpeaker Sergey Donskoy, Deputy minister, Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation as well as

  • Anders Backman, Rederi AB Trasatlantic
  • Josep A. Casanovas, DG TREN, European Comission
  • Reidun Haahjem, GARD AS
  • Jan Fredrik Hammer, Beluga Projects (Norway) AS
  • DR Mikhail Grigoriev, GECON
  • Professor Frédéric Lasserre, Laval University
  • Fre?de?ric Lasserre, Laval University > Malcolm Lowings, Golder Associates
  • Wilhelm Magelssen, DNV
  • Mikko Niini, Aker Arctic Technology Inc
  • Capt David Snider, Martech Polar Consulting
  • Dr Kirsi Tikka, ABS
  • Professor Peter Wadhams, DAMTP, University of Cambridge

The last year has seen continuing developments in the prospects for Arctic shipping, including the first commercial voyage by a western shipping company through the Northern Sea Route from Asia to Europe. During the conferance participants will be given the oppertunity to hear from Beluga Shipping on the background and results from this transit. It is clear that the Arctic shipping summit will be an exiting event, attended by some of the most prominent actors interested in arctic shipping which no-one interested in Arctic shipping should overlook. Further information can be found at the informa maritime events homepage.