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The IX International Forum “Arctic: Today and the future” will be held under the sign of new state plans for the integrated development of the Arctic.

The initiatives of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East to create a new Arctic Development Strategy for 15 years in advance and a system of preferences for investors in the Arctic will be a cross-cutting issue of the discussion agenda of the forum. Both documents should be adopted by the end of this year.

Along with the basic issues of improving the economic climate in the Arctic zone, its investment attractiveness, improving the quality of life in the Arctic, the discussion areas of the forum will discuss key issues of the development of the Northern Sea Route, geological exploration of the bowels of the Arctic, fundamental and scientific research. In connection with the upcoming chairmanship of Russia in the Arctic Council in 2021-2023, a large block of issues will be devoted to international cooperation in the Arctic. The international agenda of the forum is focused on significant international projects planned for implementation in the Russian segment of the Arctic, including: the high-latitude scientific drifting expedition “North Pole 2020”, the construction of an underwater transarctic trunk fiber-optic communication line.

As part of a two-day business program, 2 plenary meetings and 35 discussion events, which will be held in 8 parallel discussion threads, are planned. The forum will include more than 400 experts. This year's discussion agenda will bring together more than 2,500 people. More than 40 Russian regions, including all the Arctic, and 20 foreign countries, including participating countries and observers of the Arctic Council will send their delegations to participate in the forum.

The exhibition, unique in its scale, covering an area of more than 2,000 meters, will demonstrate projects and technologies for the social, economic and technological development of the modern Arctic, as well as reflect the lifestyle of the population of the Arctic territories. In the exposition space the largest Russian companies operating in the Arctic, as well as Russian regions, will present their projects. All the proposals and initiatives of the forum participants will be united by the final public resolution on practical issues of social and economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and related infrastructure for 2019.

The IX International Forum “Arctic: Today and the future” will be held in St. Petersburg from December 5 to 7, 2019 at the Expoforum exhibition center with the support of the State Commission for the Development of the Arctic, the Federation Council, the State Duma, the Public Chamber of Russia, various federal ministries and departments, public authorities of the Russian Federation.

Organizer - "Association of polar explorers".