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Population Change in the Arctic Settlement in 2000 2017

Recently two very interesting articles on Permafrost were published in the Nordregio Magazine. The article "Cities on ice: Population change in the Arctic" summarises findings from two Nordregioprojects – Polar Peoples, which examines aspects of population change in the Arctic, and Nunataryuk, which studies the impact of permafrost thaw.

The article "The threat of permafrost thaw is looming in the Arctic" is on the consequences of permafrost thaw in the Arctic ranging from intensified climate change, rising sea levels and potential release of contaminants and infection to more immediate impacts, such as changes to livelihoods and damage to buildings and infrastructure.

The Nunataryuk project seeks to quantify permafrost thaw and evaluate its long-term impacts on the global climate as well as the socio-economic implications for Arctic coastal communities.

Source: Nordregio Magazine