The Data Publisher for Earth and Environmental Science PANGAEA hosted by the German Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research offers to serve as a data hub for the Year of Polar Prediction. YOPP-relevant data can now be submitted to the PANGAEA database where it will be flagged as a 'YOPP' data set. Data archived at PANGAEA will then be harvested from the YOPP Data Portal metadata base.

As the majority of data collected during observational campaigns as well as by modelling and verification efforts will be stored at national data centres and portals, the YOPP data portal provides metadata and links to respective data sets generated during the Year of Polar Prediction. As a legacy for YOPP, this data portal takes into account the various requirements of end-users working with the YOPP data collection. The YOPP Data Portal is hosted by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and can be accessed at http://yopp.met.no/.

Those who would like to upload their YOPP-relevant data to PANGAEA, shall use the link https://pangaea.de/submit/ for data submission: The word ‘YOPP’ needs to be stated in the “label field“ of the data submission form in order to have the data flagged as ‘YOPP’ data set. Please note that PANGAEA does not have any templates for data submission. Since well-established in the weather and climate community, the data should preferably be formatted as NetCDF/CF (including ACDD elements) for reuse purposes by the modelling community allowing to reformat into BUFR if needed.

For any questions related to PANGAEA please contact Amelie Driemel . General questions and those regarding the YOPP Data Portal shall be directed to Øystein Godøy and to the International Coordination Office at .

More information and news on YOPP http://www.polarprediction.net/news/