The 3rd KoreanArcticAcademy

 The 3rd Korean Arctic Academy took place from the 5th til the 15th of July. The Academy is hosted by Korea Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, co-organized by Korea Maritime Insitute ( KMI ), Korea Polar Research Institute ( KOPRI ) and the University of the Arctic and mostly held at KMI in Busan.
This year the Academy had 32 students of diverse diciplines, 21 students from all the eight Arctic countries and 11 from Korea.
The students have been lectured by international and Korean professionals on various Arctic related issues such as policy, governance, education, Arctic People and information as well as getting well introduced to Korea´s Arctic policy, related initiatives and business.
International lectures taking part this year included Eero Suominen Ambassador of Finland to Korea, Marianne Damhaug Norwegian Embassy to Korea, Eugene Bae Us Embassy to Korea, Halldor Johannsson director of the Arctic Portal, Rasmus Bertelsen UIT the Arctic University of Norway, Paul Markusson Uarctic, Nadine Fabbi University of Washington and Asbjörn Ueland Statoil.

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Korean participants and lectures included president of KMI, Vice president of KMI, Korea´s Arctic Ambassador, Kopri Vice president, Ministry of Oceans and fisheries, Korea Registry, Youngsan University, DSME and Busan Port.
The event is proofing to be an excellent venue for the students and mentors a like to expand their horizon, extend their networks and increase their understanding of the diverse issues and people that drive the Arctic.
Justin ( Jong-Deog ) Kim, Director General of Industry Intelligence and Strategy Research Division of KMI, is the leader of the Academy.