aurora borealisEditors Emma Vestrheim and Luis R. Antunes from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology are pleased to announce the preparation of a book to be entitled A Companion to Arctic Cinema (under contract with Cambridge Scholars Publishing: 2018). The book is going to be a collection of original essays that provide a comprehensive overview of the films made in the Arctic regions of the globe. 

"Our goal is to gather scholars with research interests connected to Arctic forms of cinema with the aim of promoting a discussion and presenting this idea of Arctic Cinema in relation to an ecologic ethnography of the Nordic regions of the globe. The Arctic has recently been subject of interest within scientific fields, but it has not received the same degree of attention from film studies” the editors say.

According to editors of the forthcoming book, "Arctic Cinema is not a geographically limited form of cinema, nor is it a creative and cultural movement with limited conceptual importance. On the contrary, issues of liminality, identity, ecology as well as issues of race, gender, genre and politics raised by Arctic Cinema are strong enough to place it at the forefront of contemporary discussions on film. The most important goal with the publication of this Companion to Arctic Cinema is to create scholarly interest and appreciation for the depth and complexity of the ontological issues that guide cinematic creation in the Arctic regions of the globe."

The editors ask for expressions of interest to contribute to the book. Abstracts of about 300 words and biographical notes should be submitted by no later than January 31st to Luis Antunes () and to Emma Vestrheim ().