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aps logoThe Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) has officially launched the new website for its scientific journal Advances in Polar Science (APS).

Targeted at the international scientific community, the website contains information about APS, published articles, and instruction for authors who wish to submit papers to the journal.

APS is a peer-reviewed English-language journal dedicated to the presentation of multi-disciplinary achievements in Arctic and Antarctic research. APS is a true open-access journal, funded by the Polar Research Institute of China.

There are no publication fees and all articles are freely accessible on the website as soon as they are released, with an additional 500 printed copies distributed internationally. The journal is managed by an editorial board of both Chinese and international editors of various scientific disciplines.

APS is currently soliciting papers on polar research topics for 2016 and 2017. APS accepts four types of contributions: reviews, articles, letters, and trends.

The journal welcomes the involvement of all contributors to future editions of Advances in Polar Science, and is open to any suggestions for themes to focus on in “special issues” - which can be made by sending an email to the journal’s editorial office, or to .

- From the editorial office of Advances in Polar Science