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The Ecologic Institute, a non-profit environmental consulting organisation headquartered in Washington DC and Berlin that conducts environmental research and prepares political analyses for decision-makers, is accepting calls from both professionals and students to take part in the Arctic Summer College 2016 webinar series.

Every summer, the Ecologic Institute’s Arctic Summer College webinar series gathers Arctic experts and stakeholders to take part in a “one-of-a-kind 8 week international virtual campus”. Each week during the summer of 2016 via webinar, experts and stakeholders will focus on a particular topic (shipping, natural resources, etc.) in their discussions with Arctic Summer College participants. Those taking part in the initiative will “benefit from in-depth personal exchange, develop academic skills, and specialist expertise.”

The Arctic Summer College aims to build a lasting, policy-oriented network of Arctic professionals to strengthen communication between peoples and nations, scientific disciplines, policy areas, and across the science-policy interface to improve environmental governance in the Arctic region.

Applications to take part in the Arctic Summer College 2016 will be accepted until Sunday 29 May.

More information and links to the application form can be found on the Arctic Summer College website.