Arctia's multipurpose icebreaker Otso escorting Mirva (photo by: Kalle Inkinen)Arctia Ltd. is looking for partners to conduct an international Arctic expedition in the summer of 2017. Arctia Ltd. is the owner and operator of eight icebreakers, of which three have both the necessary classifications and the experience in operating in Arctic waters. The company now offers universities and research institutes across the globe the possibility to plan and participate in a unique Arctic expedition conducted in the summer of 2017. The planned expedition is based on the research interests and needs of parties interested.

Research in the Arctic is essential for the study of climate change and increasingly important in finding clarity to many other challenges facing the world today. Yet many institutes around the world with research interests in the Arctic do not have reasonable logistical means to access the Arctic Ocean.

Icebreakers provide a sound platform for various research activities in harsh Arctic conditions. Deck space can be used for research containers and equipment. Lifting appliances provide an opportunity for various equipment to be operated both on and off the vessel. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) units can also be used. Research infrastructure like mobile labs can be set up in cabins and elsewhere inside an icebreaker. Icebreakers also have the capabilities needed to escort and assist ice-strengthened research vessels in Arctic Waters.

If your organization is interested in being part of this endeavor, please don’t hesitate to contact Communications Manager Eero Hokkanen (tel. +358 46 876 7140).

(Source: Arctia)