Screen from AWI video What is permafrost? What happens when permafrost thaws? This animation created by the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in cooperation with the agency eventfive GmbH, Bremen answers these questions.
Scientists at the Alfred Wegener Institute conduct annual expeditions to the polar regions in order to understand the diverse processes in the permafrost an to precisely assess the impacts of it's degradation.

About the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI)

As a Helmholtz centre for polar and marine research the Alfred Wegener institute works above all in the cold and temperate regions of the world. Together with numerous national and international partners we are involved to decipher the complicated processes in the "system of earth". Our planet is in a radical climate change. The pole areas and seas change. At the same time they play a central role in the global climate system. How does the planet earth develop? Do we observe short-term variations or long-term trends? Polar and marine research has always been a fascinating scientific challenge. Today it is also a piece of futurology


Copyright: Alfred Wegener Institute / Lars Grübner
This animation was created in cooperation with the agency eventfive GmbH, Bremen