Screenshot of AORA, Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance) EU Maritime Forum - Progress has been made in combining European and North American efforts to map previously uncharted areas of the Atlantic.
The 4th meeting of the Atlantic Seabed Mapping International Working Group took place on 24 February in New Orleans in the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. One year after its first meeting in Brussels, the group met to discuss the recommendations paper to the Tri-Lateral Galway Statement Implementation Committee, and other issues including data acquisition and management and the connections with ocean literacy. Acxhievements include:
A multi-national team of European, Canadian, and American ocean exploration experts has revealed previously uncharted features on the Atlantic seabed and indicated errors in previous charts of up to a kilometre in depth
● A prototype viewer shows the transect sas well as data from EMODnet [3] and other sources. (WARNING the viewer is a prototype and takes some time to load - be patient)

(Source: EU Maritime Forum)