Our Arctic Nation BlogThe U.S. Department of State announces the availability of the blog "Our Arctic Nation," an initiative of the U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council to share how each state is connected to the Arctic.

The Our Arctic Nation publication, available online, will spend 2016 looking at the connections that each U.S. state enjoys with the Arctic. Each week throughout the year, a local voice from a different corner of America will share the reasons why his or her home state contributes to America's identity as an Arctic nation.

The blog will end with our largest state, Alaska, one-third of which lies above the Arctic Circle. Life above the Arctic Circle is like nowhere else on Earth. For Alaskans and the other four million people who inhabit Earth’s northernmost lands — many whose families have done so for thousands of years — the Arctic is simply home: a place where family, strong cultural traditions, and marine resources sustain life. For scientists, the Arctic provides vital insights into the world’s climate and ocean, as well as access to distinctive and thriving flora and fauna. For those who seek economic advantage, it is a place where productivity and protection must be carefully balanced. For adventurers, artists, tourists, and others, the globe’s northernmost region offers a source of unparalleled experiences, vistas, and inspiration.

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(Source: ArcticInfo)