Logo for the Arctic Encounter Summit in ParisThe Arctic Encounter will host its first international event - Arctic Encounter Paris - at the French Military College (École Militaire), the French Military Library and Campus Eiffel in Paris, France, on December 10-11-12, 2015.

The Arctic Encounter Paris (AEP) will take place on the final days of the monumental United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP 21) where over 50,000 participants and 25,000 government delegates will be gathered to deliberate the world’s response to our changing planet in Paris.

The AEP is the only Arctic policy and economics planned to take place during the UN Convention COP21.

On Thursday, December 10, at the French Military Library (Centre de Documentation de l'Ecole Militaire), the AEP will hold a 2-hour debate, with three French Arctic and Antarctic explorers and students of the French War School (Ecole de Guerre) on the topic: "Is the Arctic a Global Common?". A cocktail reception and book signing session with the explorers will take place following the debate.

On Friday, December 11th, at Campus Eiffel, under the patronage of Sen. Karine Claireaux (Saint-Pierre & Miquelon), the AEP will host the first Model Arctic Council ever held outside the Arctic, with 42 students coming from 23 universities and research institutions from all eight Arctic countries, France, UK, etc.

In the evening, the AEP will hold a 2-hour debate with five Arctic experts from American, Canadian, Norwegian and French think tanks, alongside Hon. Aleqa Hammond, former Premier of Greenland and current Member of the Danish Parliament for Greenland, on the topic: "Arctic Wars: Climate Change & Security in the High North."

On Saturday, December 12th, the AEP will engage policy, industry, and research leaders from Arctic and non-Arctic states during a full day of speaking panels and exciting debate at the French Military Academy (École Militaire).
The 2015 Arctic Encounter Paris is produced by Kallander & Associates LLC and the French Polar Cluster, in partnership with the French Navy Center for Strategic Studies (CESM - Centre d'Etudes Stratégiques de la Marine), the Directorate for Higher Military Education (DEMS), Campus Eiffel, the French Think Tanks Observatory, and more than 15 institutional, business and education partners.

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