Icebergs (photo: Federica Scarpa) On November 19-21, Moscow hosts the Arctic Days in Moscow Federal Arctic Forum. The Federal Arctic Forum “ARCTIC DAYS in MOSCOW” is a successor of the Arctic Days Festival thathas been held since 2010. The event traditionally arouses huge interest in the public, leading federal media, academic and political circles. In 2015 the ARCTIC DAYS in MOSCOW will include the following events:

  • II International Scientific Conference “OPEN ARCTIC”,
  • Multimedia Exhibition “THE ARCTIC”.

The main goals of the Forum: to draw attention to the natural, historical and cultural sites in the Arctic, to increase touristic appeal of the Russian Far North, show the splendor of the North including through photo- and cinema art, as well as to have a dialogue on the environmental problems in the Arctic.

President Putin sent a message of greeting to participants and guests of the Arctic Days in Moscow Federal Arctic Forum (published on the Kremlin website):

“I sincerely welcome the fact that your forum carries on the tradition of bringing together in Moscow people of different ages, professions and interests to offer them an exciting, substantive programme. The Arctic Days have always presented a kaleidoscope of engaging events, academic discussions, business and creative meetings. However, most importantly, this is a continuation of the serious professional conversation between Russian and foreign participants about the development of the Arctic and our shared responsibility for the preservation of its rich natural, historical, ethnographic and cultural heritage.

I am certain that the forum will be constructive and will help launch new promising projects and initiatives.”

The Arctic Days in Moscow Forum has been held since 2010. This year it is taking place on November 19–21 and features the following events: a discussion on the Business Climate in the Arctic, the 2nd Open Arctic International Scientific Conference and a multimedia exhibition The Arctic.


(Sources: Arctic Days and Kremlin website)