Arctic sea-ice: Summer-ice 2014(light blue area), Winter-ice 2015(dark blue area) and median lines 1979-2010 Later this month, President Obama will travel to Alaska and shine a spotlight on what Alaskans in particular have come to know: Climate change is one of the biggest threats we face, it is being driven by human activity, and it is disrupting Americans' lives right now.  For this occasion, the White House has released an official video on youtube,  in which the President explains why tackling climate change must be a priority.  

"Alaskans are on the front line of one of the greatest challange we face this century: climate change", President says, " it seems like a problem for future generations, but for most Americans it is already a reality".Many activities, as hunting and fishing, are threatened in Alaska, while entire villages  are even sinking as consequence of climate change, especially glaciers melting and permafrost sinking. 

For the first time in the U.S., the Obama administration has been working hard both to rise awareness on climate change and its global effects. Also as chair of the Arctic Council for the next 2 coming years, the US has set "Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change "as one of the 3 focus areas of their program: "The impacts of climate change in the Arctic, a region where people, animals and plants have thrived for thousands of years, threaten communities and their ways of life, as well as the ecosystems upon which these communities depend. The Arctic Council is addressing the impacts of climate change in the Arctic by targeting shortlived climate pollutants through reductions in black carbon and methane emissions. Arctic Council activities to enhance access to adaptation and resilience tools, and promote the development of climate change indicators and high-resolution mapping, will increase scientists, communities, policymakers and the public's understanding of the impacts of climate change" (from the Program for the US Chairmanship). 


Watch the Video here