This map shows the main definitions currently in use to describe the Arctic (Arctic Portal)A selection of Arctic Portal maps are now availble online for free download here. Since 2009, Arctic Portal  has been providing visual information about Arctic related information (as sea-ice conditions, shipping lines, resources, Arctic people, governance, etc..) through various databases. The system is powered by the Inter-Map mapping system, developed by the Arctic Portal staff. 

All data utilized to create our maps are provided either from our partners, either from the best reliable databases currently available (sources are always quoted clearly). 

At the moment you can browse the section "Arctic Definitions", but new will come in the next few weeks. 

All maps can be downloaded and used for free, behind quotation of the source (the suggested quotation is : Map provided by . For any commercial use of our maps, which includes but it is not limited to, selling AP maps, modify and sell AP maps, pubblication, reports, books, please contact us.