United States Coast Guard Academy

The Center for Arctic Study and Policy (CASP) at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy seeks a Visiting Professor of Arctic Studies for a two-year teaching/research fellowship position. The successful applicant will deliver Arctic-related undergraduate courses, seminars, or other academic instruction at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy; Develop and conduct rigorous academic law, social science and/or policy based research on Arctic-specific issues.

Responsibilities within the Center for Arctic Studies and Policy include:

  • Teaching (at least 3 credit hours per semester) which may include maritime policy courses
  • Conducting research in Arctic studies and policy and publication of resultant scholarship under the auspices of the CASP.
  • Other facilitation of learning enrichment opportunities for cadets via speakers, travel, and contacts
  • Work as a faculty co-advisor to undergraduate advanced research projects.
  • Mentorship of and cooperation with the CASP staff and affiliated faculty.
  • Advise and provide input on the curricular development in the areas of Arctic studies and policy, through development of interdisciplinary courses, research and analysis of emerging threats, to address challenges and opportunities in the evolving Arctic and maritime environment that are vital to the national interests of the United States.

The application deadline is August 19, 2015

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