Chinese Cargo Map

On July 8th 2015, the Chinese general cargo Yong Sheng, has started its second Arctic voyage. The cargo left Dalian Port in Liaoning Province (People's Republic of China) and it is expected to arrive at Varberg Port in Sweden around the middle of August and back to China by October. The Yong Sheng will follow the Northern Sea Route, off the coasts of the Russian Federation.

Accordingly with Vessel Finder, Cosco (the Chinese logistic company that owns the cargo) said the Arctic route will significantly shorten the shipping distance between China and Europe/North America, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, while improving energy efficiency and operational costs.

MV.Yongsheng completed the landmark Arctic voyage from Dalian to Rotterdam in 2013. The cargo left  the Taicang Port on August 15th, 2013, and reached  the Port of Rotterdam via the Arctic Northeast Passage on September 10th, 2013, covering a total distance of 7, 931 miles, instead of the usual 10,711 miles through the Suez Canal. Therefore, the Arctic route shortened the voyage 2,780 miles, which means a saving of approximately 9.12 sailing on an avarage speed of 12,7 knots (as the MV.Yongsheng), leading to a saving of about 252 tons of fuels.

(Source: Vessel Finder)