korea maritime institution arcticportalKMI President Kim Sung Gwi and Arctic Portal Executive Director Halldor Johannsson sign the Memorandum of UnderstandingOn July 9th, 2015, the President of the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI), Kim Sung Gwi, and the Executive Director of the Arctic Portal, Halldor Johannsson, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a three-year collaboration and partnerships in Arctic information and knowledge capacity development in the Arctic.

The two institutes have recognized the many common interests, especially  in pursuing excellence in Arctic information within their own countries and the world in large,the importance of capacity development in Arctic policy,  and have therefore agreed to implement the following:

  1. Strengthening technical information and knowledge exchange between parties mutually agreed on
  2. Co-hosting seminar or workshop on Arctic information and knowledge sharing of mutual interests
  3. Encouraging self-financed or invited participation to the international gatherings related to, in particular, Arctic information and knowledge sharing hosted by each party
  4. Fostering collaboration and partnerships in Arctic information and knowledge capacity development

The KMI and Arctic Portal will seek the appropriate mechanisms for strengthening linkages between two organizations in Arctic affairs, keeping the principle of mutual cooperation and assistance in developing information and programs of mutual benefits and of contribution to bilateral, regional and global Arctic governance.

The Memorandum of Understanding will be in force for a valid period of three years.