IPA home pageArctic Portal has now launched the new website for the International Permafrost Association (IPA).The IPA, founded in 1983, has as its objectives to foster the dissemination of knowledge concerning permafrost and to promote cooperation among persons and national or international organizations engaged in scientific investigation and engineering work on permafrost. Membership is through adhering national or multinational organizations or as individuals in countries where no Adhering Body exists. The IPA is governed by its officers and a Council consisting of representatives from 26 Adhering Bodies having interests in some aspect of theoretical, basic and applied frozen ground research, including permafrost, seasonal frost, artificial freezing and periglacial phenomena. Committees, Working Groups, and Task Forces organize and coordinate research activities and special projects.

The new version, fully developed and renewed by Arctic Portal is responsive, meaning that it can be view from all devices, as smartphones, tablets and of course PCs.