Arkhangelsk Sea Port Economiya (Source:Sasha Krotov-Wikipedia) Different news sources have recently reported that the Russian company MMC Norilsk Nickel, the world's largest producer of nickel and palladium (read more about MMC Norilsk Nickel here) has planned to sell the Arkhangelsk sea trade port by the end of 2015. The all-year-round navigation Arkhangelsk sea trade port is strategically located, as it builds at the beginning of the Northern Sea Route, on the White Sea (North-West Russia), but it is also the shorter exit to the railroad network that are used for the carriages along the transsibirian main line and transport corridor "North-South, making the port one of the main "gate to the Arctic". Accordingly with the Arkhangelsk Port's website;, the total length of the berth front is 3,3 km, capable to receive vessels of 9,2 m draught and 175 - 200 m in length, while its container terminal, the only one of this kind in the North includes air-open square of 98.000 sq metres, where 5762 TEUs may be stored at once, includes up to 200 refrigerator containers and 2200 with dangerous cargo. The container terminal capacity is 75.000 TEUs in a year. (read more here). Indeed, the amount of the company in its turnover is 20%.

This is the piece of news as reported by Arctic info:
The Norilsk Nickel company is ready to sell a string of non-core assets, including the Arkhangelsk Sea Port. A Norilsk Nickel company presentation made in London on May 18 revealed that the company intends to sell its stake in the Arkhangelsk port in the course of 2015. Also other socalled none-core assets might be sold, among them the company's gas fields in the Taimyr Peninsula, reports. In addition, Norilsk Nickel considers selling the Yenisey River Shipping Company, another key Arctic asset. According to the company press-center, the accumulated sales price for the objects could amount to about $1 billion.
The Arkhangelsk Sea Port, a key regional infrastructure object, in 2014 had a cargo turnover of 1,5 million tons, of which 400 000 tons were goods belonging to Norilsk Nickel. The port is considered a hub of major importance for shipping along the Northern Sea Route and is connected with Belkomur, the projected railway line between Arkhangelsk and western Siberia. Among potential buyers of the Arkhangelsk port are Chinese investors. During a recent business visit to China, representatives of the Arkhangelsk regional administration confirmed that a "principal interest" in the port was displayed by chinese companies.

(Source: Arctic InfoArkhangelsk Port)