Polar Law and Resources cover (Photo: Norden) An overview of Polar law questions and topical developments was provided in the pioneering 2010 Polar Law Textbook and in the 2013 Polar Law Textbook II,  both of which covered a number of topics relevant to the Polar resources debate. Building on this work, this new volume focuses on topical issues of law and resource development in the Polar Regions and covers topics of current and emergent resource-related issues mainly from a legal and political perspective. This book is the outcome of a process of cooperation between an international group of experts in the field of Polar Law and related studies (i.e., N. Loukacheva, J. Jabour, Jan-Gunnar Winther, Ø. Ravna, E. J. Molenaar, N. Einarsson, M. Fitzmaurice, N. Sellheim, Maria M. das Neves, N. Bankes, A. J.K. Bailes, and A.Vasiliev).

This project was made possible by an award from the Arctic Cooperation Programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers which has shown continued leadership in the promotion of legal values and multi-disciplinary 16 Polar Law and Resources studies on the Nordic and Arctic areas and on the globe more generally.Special thanks go to the Russian Embassy in Iceland for hosting the project's workshop in 2014. The project was endorsed by the Polar Law Program at the University of Akureyri, that this year will begin on August 12th (more information here).

The book is available in hard copy: www.norden.org but also for free download here.

For more info pls. see www.norden.org or contact Natalia Loukacheva.