Advances in Polar Science journal cover Papers are invited for a forthcoming special issue of the journal Advances in Polar Science (APS), entitled "Current Research on Atmospheric Aerosols and Trace Gases over the Polar Regions (AATGPR)". This special issue is scheduled to be published in September of 2015, instead of December 2015 as initially scheduled,  and the deadline for paper submission is 31 May 2015.
The issue will provide a forum summarising the recent advances on this important topic. Scientific articles stressing the following research themes may fit well within the scope of this special issue:

  • Greenhouse gases and their air-sea fluxes;
  • Trace gasses and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs);
  • Sources, transformation and sinks of aerosols;
  • Black carbon, ozone and their climate effects;
  • Remote sensing and modelling of aerosols and gases.

APS is an international, peer-reviewed, quarterly journal jointly sponsored by the Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) and the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration. Article published in APS are free of charge thanks to generous funding from PRIC.
For more information, please see the Invitation to Submit here, or visit the APS website.