Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 18.41.52After the first edition in Oslo (2013), "A new vista for trade, energy and the environment", and second in London (2014), "New horizons for trade and economic development", also this year The Economist has organized a one-day-event on Arctic issues. The 2015 edition will be held again in Oslo and the discussion will focus on "Still icy: Has investing in the Arctic been oversold?".

The ice might be melting but megaprojects planned in the Arctic are coming to a grinding halt due to dropping oil prices, rising tensions with Russia and America's new production capabilities. The icy 'last frontier' is expensive and hazardous for all industries and stakeholders are now weighing the return on their current and future investments. In addition indigenous groups and NGOs remain sceptical about the impact commercial activity will have on climate change, biodiversity and local communities.
In 2015, the Economist Events' Arctic Summit asks whether commercial interest in the Arctic is a bubble about to burst. Join senior level politicians, government bodies, NGOs, indigenous groups, intergovernmental organisations, and corporations from across the insurance, infrastructure, oil gas and mining, logistics, shipping, tourism and risk management industries for the Arctic Summit in Oslo to unpick the complexities of doing business in the High North.

The conference will start March 12th 2015, h.9:00 CET and it will be broadcasted live here.

The programme of the conference is avalaible here.

(source: The Economist)