Polar Bear Petition

Since 2013, Polar Bears International celebrates the Polar Bears Day on February 27th. The initiiative is to raise awareness on the drastic effects climate change is having on the Arctic, the natural habitat of the Polar bear. To support the initiative, you can sign the petition:

Polar bears need you—and people do, too!

Sign the Petition for Polar BearsIn a world warmed by climate change, the polar bear's sea ice home is literally melting away. Without action, wild polar bears—the very symbol of the Arctic—could disappear.

Climate change threatens polar bears, but the impacts reach far beyond polar bears and far beyond the Arctic. People are at risk, too, from rising sea levels, crop failures, and extreme weather events from droughts to floods.

Polar bears can't walk to the climate change talks in Paris this December to ask for help. You can speak up for them by signing our Petition for Polar Bears.

Please sign our petition to ask the world's nations to create a plan for greenhouse gas reductions that are fast and deep enough to help polar bears—and, by extension, people. By signing, you'll speak up for renewable energy, for efforts to stop deforestation, for a greener world.

You'll help ensure a future for polar bears. And by ensuring a future for polar bears, you'll help countless other species—including our own.

More information and if you want to sign the petition, click here.

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